Punchze - more than just a punchlist app

Manage and track your construction operations professionally and efficiently with Punchzee.

Professional jobsite walkthroughs with Punchzee

Punchzee is an advanced punch list app that helps you to easily and professionally manage walkthrough processes at construction sites. You can plan the walkthrough beforehand, preparing projects, plans, tasks and setting up users who will go through the tasks at the site. Fieldworkers can attach details, photos, checklists, categories, statuses etc when reporting from the site.

With Punchzee's advanced statistics and reporting features, you can export customized reports with different dimensions, such as the fieldworker, the site in question, projects, customers and dates.

Interactive punch lists on the plan

Easily locate tasks in the field with the interactive plan that allows you to add and edit the status of items directly.

multipurpose tasks

Create custom tasks that can be used in multiple projects

Custom reports

Create custom filters and dimensions to your reports and export them straight to Excel or as a PDF.

Advanced User Management

Add user roles with different rights and restrictions for different members of your team. User statistics are collected automatically and can be filtered in custom reports.

Work offline

Punchzee doesn't require an internet connection while working in the field. It syncs all the data automatically once your device connects to the internet.

Import PDF blueprints

You can bring your blueprints in vector format straight to Punchzee. This enables working on the plan in high definition detail.

Advanced statistics

Punchzee collects a broad set of data that allows you to analyze the performance of your projects, tasks, customers, and users in more detail.

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An example
Closeout Process
with Punchzee

1. Setup

Plan an efficient QA/QC walkthrough by easily adding your projects, plans, tasks and users & their roles comfortably at the office.  Punchzee works on every device from table computers to smartphones.

2. Carry out the inspection

Go through the jobsite with the attached plan and report on the status of each item on the list. Attach images, assign due dates and leave instructions for the contractors to help them carry out the necessary follow-up tasks faster.

3. Create advanced custom reports

Punchzee has an advanced reporting features that allow you to filter reports based on different variables and dimensions. You can create custom reports by selecting different time frames, users and projects or customers as dimensions.