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Punchzee is a powerful field management platform suitable for start-ups in the construction and maintenance industries as well as for large general contractors.

Create projects and upload drawings that are readable down to the smallest detail on all devices. Create custom and easy-to-use task forms that prevent errors and send them to field technicians for completion.

Use communication tools to solve problems in the field quickly and effortlessly. Advanced data filtering tools, on the other hand, help you monitor the overall progress of projects or even the workload of a specific field worker.

Punchzee includes all the tools you need to engage the beast mode!

Import drawings

You can bring your drawings to Punchzee in virtually any format – even in PDF vector format. This allows you to see even the tiniest details.
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Custom tasks and color‑coded markers

Create custom task forms that are easily filled out by field technicians. Use color-coded markers to track progress easily.
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Use the request feature to create RFIs and RFQs or even chat rooms for communication between project managers and field technicians.

Custom reports

Create custom filters and dimensions for your reports and export them straight to Excel or as a PDF.
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Work offline

Punchzee doesn't require internet connection while working in the field. It syncs all the data automatically once your device connects to the internet.
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Advanced user management

Add user roles with different rights and restrictions for individual members of your team.
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Advanced statistics

Punchzee collects a broad set of data that allows you to analyze the performance of your projects, tasks, customers, and users in more detail.

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An example of how Punchzee can be utilized

1. Setup a project

Setup your project by uploading drawings in virtually any format – even by taking pictures of them. Assign tasks to users, adjust their roles and permissions and send them a notification about it. Punchzee works on any device from desktop computers to smartphones.

2. Collect data in the field

A field technician collects information from the field using easy-to-use task forms created by the project manager. Using the app does not require an internet connection and therefore data can be collected anywhere and anytime. When the connection is available again, the app automatically synchronizes to the cloud.

3. Communicate and stay
on schedule

Communication is the most important part of any project involving more than one person. Solve problematic situations in real time and stay on schedule. Customers will surely thank you!

4. Track progress with reports

Punchzee includes extensive data filtering features. Whether you want to track the project as a whole or just the performance of a specific person – all this is possible. Once the data is filtered as desired, you can export it in PDF or Excel format.

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